Monday, April 11, 2011

Learning time for self

Last week I attended the NZPF Conference in Wellington with around 800 other Principals and School Leaders.  While attending the keynotes, catching snippets of discussion around the trade hall and having in depth discussions with colleagues and friends from around the country my head became rather full of information that will take some weeks to work through.  Coming back to the real world of school for the last week of term means catching up with the happenings in house and the initiatives that we are working on locally and with other schools.  This is the real world and gives the context to what was a very powerful time and one that enables a return on the investment (time and money) for some time to come.  With the term break approaching at the end of the this week I look forward to listening to a couple of the keynotes again (yes I bought the discs!),  some light reading (on topics such as Sustainable Leadership by Professor Andy Hargreaves!) and then posting some reflections (hopefully for a comment or two!)

Watch this space...

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