Monday, April 11, 2011

How we engage and learn from others - Andy Hargreaves 1

To grow as a teacher, leader and school we have to find what is positive, optimistic and challenging from learning with other teachers, leaders and institutions.

You become a better teacher from learning from other good teachers.  You don't just learn from the biggest or the most powerful, you learn from sharing with some of the best, usually more than one!  One example tends to be overwhelming.  We have a staff of individuals that are very good at sharing and encouraging improvement in each other.  They may not always agree - but that is a good thing for in our diversity lies our strength as it is brought together by the shared purpose of whatever a particular initiative is trying to achieve.

Its the same for schools - you don't just look at one when you want to improve or reflect on what you are doing - you network with a number of them.  Like our ICT cluster we should be able to learn from each other.  Though for this to happen authentically it requires genuine trust and respect for what each other is doing.  This does not happen overnight but it can!  Otherwise, we are all just islands doing our own little thing and like the old saying goes - "united we stand, divided we fall!"

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