Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Key Competency workshop with Graham Watts

This was an opportunity for our leadership team to reflect on where we are at with the development of our school curriculum and how the Key Competencies will be embedded in that to reflect our attempt to ensure a localised curriculum that is intuitive to the individual needs of our students.  One that is not a 'one size fits all education' but one that will give them a glimpse of the world around them and what they are individually capable of!

The idea of developing a 'learner profile' from the question 'What is it about your students that tells you they need to become more competent learners?' will link in well (me thinks) from our essence statements for the different curriculum areas and KC's.  I see it pulling all those together and giving some life and purpose to our vision - 'From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together' - and the values that underpin it!  Your thoughts??

I also like the idea of taking those essence statements that we develop for the KC's and developing a 4 point 'rubric' to show the progression of each across the different levels and ages (under the labels Beginner, Apprentice, Practitioner, Expert).  This could also be done in each curriculum area to show was a particular type of thinker may look like in each area - eg  a scientific thinker, a social sciences thinker etc.  Your thoughts??

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  1. Looking forward to the updates on this one. We've started to incorporate the Key Competencies into Habits of Mind. The children are really excited about the possibilities.