Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Principals conference - Queenstown

Firstly, thank you to the Board of Trustees for allowing me to attend the New Zealand Principal’s Conference in Queenstown.  The week was full, with both Workshops and Key Note speakers taking up the days. It was tremendous to meet with other Principal’s and I was able to catch up with old colleagues from my teaching days.  Much of the conference was centered around the concept of “Managing People and Building Relationships” and the barriers that exist within a full functioning school.  Although this on the surface sounds rather woolly, it was incredible hearing, seeing and learning about the differences that exist between individual’s makeup and points of view and in short, how we can sometimes forget  the qualities that we try to instill into children as adults - such as respect, tolerance, viewpoints and responsibilities.

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  1. I absolutely agree Tim! I felt very privileged to be able to attend the conference. It was motivating to be able to hear in person, people whose books I'd read.
    Their messages about balance and valuing each person's skills as individuals really reinforced what we try to do in our leadership. Sometimes we forget this as we sometimes allow ourselves to become too focussed on the admin side of leadership. Great reminders and valuable tools.
    It was also interesting to meet Principals and learn about their leadership roles and their professional journeys.
    An opportunity gratefully appreciated.