Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Just browsing through Jamin's presentation on e-portfolios that he presented late last year to his school colleagues at Bethlehem College ( - looking forward to talking through how its going with him at Learning @ School conference this year! I then checked out the link that someone had posted on his feedback to a TED talk on 'How great leaders inspire action'

(You need to view this so the next few comments make sense!)

I like how Simon Sinek explains how the 'why' described passionately will give true meaning to the how and the what (that is from the inside out!)  You need to know what you believe - why what you do is what you do.  It is only then that they will believe and be inspired also.  In the context of the school world it is the 'why' of each school culture that gives it a unique flavour - and the leadership and the sense of ownership and pride of the wider team that makes being at some schools much more that just a job!

Derek Wenmoth talked recently about 3 key words that are used in schools all around NZ. They are (outside in) curriculum, assessment, pedagogy - every teacher can talk about their school's curriculum, every teacher can talk about the way they assess their school's curriculum but how many can really talk about the pedagogy of their school - the why?? Some can, and so - just like Apple in the computer company world - they have more success and 'buy in' from all stakeholders (parents, staff, students). Jamin is doing the why - awesome. I am inspired to do the same and with a passionate staff (who understand the importance of pedagogy) and support from Mark Herring, our ICT2LRN facilitator - I am excited about where our journey is going!


  1. A very thought-provoking clip. If we can't articulate the 'why' of what we do, then how do we expect that the children are able to do this and to be motivated in their learning. Looking forward to exploring these concepts with the students.

  2. Hey Tim :)

    So this is the new blog - nice. Hey glad you found something helpful in my presentation. In my mind the 'why' has to be sorted first for a successful journey. I look forward to catching up with you to man - see you at the Learning@School Conference!!