Friday, February 25, 2011

ePortfolio platform debate?!?

Interesting discussion yesterday at the eportfolio forum hosted by Jaimen Lietze from Bethlehem College.  There was some great sharing about what different people are doing and even though the discussion tried to stay away from the platform debate an interesting point was thrown out there!  The Ministry of course are backing and have made free the 'myportfolio' aspect of mahara while the sharing that happened was mostly based in 'Ultranet'.  The point was made by one person about how this direction seemed to be in complete contrast to where the world is going - ie open source, free and transferable across multiple presentation platforms.  This in contrast to the paid for platform by schools where all info is held and when the student leaves it goes with them as a static pile of stuff on a flash drive / whatever.   The MOE made the point that myportfolio is aiming to be interoperable with the main 2 - Ultranet and KnowledgeNet - but the point made was that the ownership is still not with the person who creates the content - its managed by someone else.  His example was things like blogger are owned and administrated by the student and therefore can stay with them and 'alive' for ever.  Interesting debate and one not liked much by some people who have a vested interest?!?  Your thoughts??

** Here is a link to a presentation by Nick Rate (CORE) who is a bit of a guru on the ePortfolio journey.**


  1. Going to have a look at Nick's presentation soon. This has always been my concern and frustration with this platform. What I've read, seen and participated in, in the last two weeks has only convinced me further that it may not be the answer. Edublogs anyone??

  2. Some learners like blogger. some learners like wikispaces, some learners like ultranet, some learners like myportfolio, some learners like edublog - let the learner decide.