Sunday, February 13, 2011

What is eLearning @ MBS part 1?

As our school enters the second year of our ICT & Inquiry (I would say eLearning) contract it finds us at an exciting point.  Last year had MBS buying / trying and talking about how the opportunity for using digital learning tools could make a real difference to teaching and learning in our classrooms.  The conversation ranged from seeing ICT as just adding some interest to what we already do, to seeing the development of the Inquiry Learning process becoming a core part of our curriculum framework.

The exciting thing is that we are having conversations that 12 months ago were not really possible.  It gives us the chance to now ask the 'why' question  - to work out the pedagogy / philosophy of what e-learning really means to our school (as we now know some of the things the 'tools' can do) before we get stuck in the detail of how we're going to do it and with what (just as the Simon Sinek TED talk exampled )!  If we get this right then it will truly make a difference to all our learning community - the students, the parents and the teachers!

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