Tuesday, February 15, 2011

What is eLearning @ MBS part 2?

Last year was a real 'sandpit' time with Inquiry Learning and the use and place of ICT tools in our teaching and learning.  Today we reflected on our e-learning journey so far.  With Mark introducing the concept of Teacher and Principal Inquiry (where we focus on something to do with our own practice or school development) and the Pod groups with 'e-buddies' it has given us cause to stop and ask the 'WHY' question of what we are doing and how.  This process became clearer after I watched the Simon Sinek TED talk blogged about below.  The connection between what he said and our schools journey with e-learning inspired my rough draft (the good ol' giant stickie) which we discussed today after I shared that TED talk as an introduction.


  1. Very exciting to see where the next stage of the learning journey is headed. Great discussion to kick off the year. Diagram's not too bad either!

  2. Impressed! Had a good chat with @iltinteract about this yesterday. We should have a get together and put collective thoughts down on paper. Something cool could immerge!

    It's all about the why, isn't it. Listened to a podcast yesterday, too about an interview with the author of 'Making learning whole' - link here http://www.amazon.com/Making-Learning-Whole-Principles-Transform/dp/0470384522

    Very similiar ideas - first principal is to play the whole game - this gives the learner the sense of why we're learning this. Very interesting ideas.