Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Vision revisioned...

Back in November last year we started the process of redefining our vision - articulating why we do what we do and how that is supported by our principles of action and what that then looks like in practice. Since we started this it's been like a multi laned highway of development as we worked to begin the development of our school wide focuses alongside it. These were: 

- Does authentic teacher collaboration look like in practice for our place? 
- What is the relationship between teacher practice and professional practice in a professional team
- Developing a shared understanding of digital tool integration into our learning! 

Wow! All big, and key, parts of a morphing 'why' and have caused us to ask: "What do you believe about how kids learn most powerfully and deeply in their lives? 

And then the question that follows (for both each individual and as a whole school team) is does our practice in our classrooms with kids honour those identified beliefs? 

Challenging, exciting, huge and ongoing...

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