Wednesday, August 18, 2010

What school needs to be - and what it shouldn't!

I found this interesting discussion off a link that Justine sent. (

In it a guy called Seth Godin is interviewed about the reason public education was set up for industrialisation and why this won't give much of a future for the children of today if we don't nuture their willingness and ability to seek their own topics, question everything, and participate with others from anywhere in meaningful ways that could end up changing the world?!?  Are we at Myross Bush School on the right track with our curriculum planning and inquiry process discovery??


  1. They make some interesting points. We may have reorganised the desks and chairs in the classroom, but have we really reporganised our own thinking about what is most important and effective in teaching and learning?
    Would be great to explore this further. I hope others watch this and consider their own philosophies about teaching and learning.

  2. I think we do have a curriculum at Myross Bush School (and many other schools will too) that "push kids to do stuff that's edgy". Hopefully the drama, painting, garden club, choir, gymnastics, aerobics, sports, etc etc inspires children to find a strength or a passion and build on that now and in the future. If school is often the only opportunity for creative juices to run for children who don't get opportunities to 'grow' at home then that puts an enormous pressure on schools to get it right. Let's just hope we are not stifled too much and don't have to resort to teaching only reading, writing and maths to prove our worth and show success.