Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sustainable Leadership

Since coming back to school from the NZPF conference I have been reading Andy Hargreaves and Dean Fink's book on Sustainable Leadership.  They list seven key principles of sustainability in educational change and leadership.  I want to list them here and then over time I hope to come back and reflect on them in more detail as I continue to read the book over the term break!  They are:

1.  Depth - Sustainable leadership matters.
2.  Length - Sustainable leadership lasts.
3.  Breadth - Sustainable leadership spreads.
4.  Justice - Sustainable leadership does no harm to and actively improves the surrounding environment.
5.  Diversity - Sustainable leadership promotes cohesive diversity.
6.  Resourcefulness - Sustainable leadership develops and does not deplete material and human resources.
7.  Conservation - Sustainable leadership honors and learns from the best of the past to create an even better future.

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