Tuesday, April 19, 2011

21 Things That Will Be Obsolete in School by 2020

Had to link this one - I have summarised the list below and linked to the blog post where you can read the original detail on each one - some may be more pertinent for high schools - maybe not??  I'm going to try and comment on each one over time on what it might mean for our place!?!

21 Things That Will Be Obsolete by 2020

1.  Desks gone! - 2 classrooms down - 4 to go!
2.  Language Labs
3.  Computers - mix of iMac's, MacBooks and iPads happening!
4.  Homework
5.  The role of standardised tests in college admissions
6.  Differentiated instruction as a sign of a distinguished teacher
7.  Fear of Wikipedia
8.  Paperbacks
9.  Attendance Offices
10.  Lockers
11.  I.T. departments
12.  Centralised institutions
13.  Organisation of education services by grade
14.  Education schools that fail to integrate technology
15.  Paid/Outsourced professional development
16.  Current curricular norms
17.  Parent / Teacher conference night
18.  Typical cafeteria food
19.  Outsourced graphic and web design
20.  High School Algebra 1
21.  Paper!

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