Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Social Networking in Schools

While browsing the 40 odd posts summarised on Google Reader from the 'Committed Sardine' Blog that I hadn't yet read was one that I found really topical.  The pros and cons of Social Networking in Schools is something that our school is working through at the moment.  We have a generation of students to whom online networking is 'normal' and still highly engaging and rewarding for them in their learning journey while some teachers and parents - while mostly not negative about it - are unsure about something that is not natural to them.  As the linked post examples there are pros and cons to any social networking online and part of the development in use of them is to ensure that good procedures manage and minimise the risk without restricting the potential it brings to learning.

Part of reviewing our local goals and strategic plan this year will hopefully involve some good discussion with parents about how education is (and has to) change to meet the changing needs of our 21st century society and just how social networking / online collaboration fits in with this.  This is an exciting time as we attempt to keep our school and its learning environment relevant to todays students while also ensuring that partnership with our parent community is enhanced rather than disconnected!

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