Friday, March 25, 2011

Protect your Dreams

A short but very powerful clip - nothing more needed except your response...


  1. The only person who can stop you achieving your dreams is you.

  2. How often do we let others impose limitations on our potential whether it be accidental or purposeful?
    An inner strength and belief in ones self is a powerful thing.

  3. A very powerful storyline and movie. I agree Kiri, to have a dream and to believe in yourself to achieve is an amazingly powerful mindset to be in.

    My son is a great example (without being too biased). He already has dreams of being a premiership football (soccer) player and constantly asks questions about what he needs to do to achieve his dreams and how will the talent scouts know where he is to select him. His determination to achieve his goals is amazing to watch and listen to. He lives and breathes football, impatiently waiting for each season to start again. He responded to his coaches question last weekend after his first game if he enjoyed the game? and responded; "its like being reborn again". He'll be 9 next month. WOW!

    Negativity drives me nuts, especially from those that are constantly negative about the things other people are doing or trying to do. Having people around you that are constantly negative just brings moral down.

    I have lots of motivational quotes around my classroom, one of them says:

    "People who say it cannot be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it".