Tuesday, March 17, 2015

What does the Essence of the NZ Curriculum look like for you?

Dr. Julia Atkin: Expressing the essence of the NZ Curriculum from EDtalks on Vimeo.

As relevant today, if not more so, as when this EDtalk was filmed in 2011. Dr Julia Atkin gives a great synopsis of the history of where the curriculum came from and what drove it and challenges us with the question of what we have done to protect the essence of what our New Zealand Curriculum has given us the opportunity to do with teaching and learning in our schools.

She asks, "How do you use your expertise, along with the development of the values and Key Competencies to enrich the life of the young people you work with every day?" She reminds us that we are all teachers of the person - not the subject... "to help each young person to find their future through the development of their whole self and the role they'll play in society." The subject is merely the medium we do that by.

Where is your perspective?

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