Thursday, March 19, 2015

The continued development and review of our schools journey

A key reflection over the past two days for me has been seeing a variety of new and existing space and getting a snapshot of how they have developed the pedagogy of their teaching and learning within that environment.

A key point for me has been having the opportunity to take these observations and consider just what they mean for our context. I'm looking forward to talking through the following questions with our staff and seeing what doors are opened!

Are we still all strongly connected to our why?

What does our perspective of this mean for the curriculum that we end up delivering with the framework of our learning space?

Where are we ensuring that we're not slipping in our practice within a physical environment that is ultimately still what it was?

How have we allowed the setup of furniture in our learning spaces to either enhance our practice or to inhibit it?

What ways can we come up with to resource the specialist support within our learning pathways to help take them to the next level?

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