Monday, March 15, 2010

Learning @ School happened in mid February - here finally are some bits and pieces from some of the things I saw, talked about, mused over...

- Breakout 1 - Responding to Change - Tony Ryan - The interactive discussion breaks with partners and reflecting on your own 'wellness' made it an enjoyable breakout! (PDF)

- Breakout 2 - Dr Stuart Middleton - School looks good but is it engaging?? I enjoyed listening to this keynote and the follow up discussion was interesting. He basically went back through his presentation and posed further questions to the group - why do we have a system like we have?

1. What's happening to systems like ours? - 'swine flu' stats
2. Changing student population - ethnicity / language
3. Disengagement - physical - out the door / virtual - dreaming of something else / unintended - wrong conference?!?
4. Challenges - purpose - readiness - language - sectors/structures - being honest in our discourse

Why is change so hard? -

  • Promoters of change
  • Social / economic conditions
  • Technology
  • Laws and regulations
  • Community - conservative view

Resistors to change - Our own...

  • Knowledge
  • Skills
  • Aspirations - is there a gap between (partic. Principals) rhetoric and practical action or how far we are actually willing to go!
  • Disposition

Promotion through the Arts!

A good idea can only be beaten by a better idea - don't turn up with no idea

Support the idea with facts!

Readiness - when would we know when a student is ready:
- to start school?
- to start secondary school?
- to undertake tertiary study?
- to enter employment?

How do we cope with a situation in which students have more language skills than we have but in different languages?

Are we able to let sectors go and base our organisation of the system on the needs of learners?

Breakout 3 & 4 - Derek Wenmoth - director of elearning for CORE ed is an interesting guy. He spends some of this time discussing/blogging/thinking/organising forums for bringing together ideas and people about where IT and education are going. Go to the 'TOP TEN TRENDS FOR 2010' for the latest!

Breakout 5 - The LMS Gateway to learning and assessment -Mark Treadwell (developer of KnowledgeNet LMS) seems to have the ear of MOE people and is one of the leaders in driving the link between school, home and the LMS capabilities. Check out his websites 'TEACHERS @ WORK' and 'THE EMERGENT 21st CENTURY TEACHER'

Breakout 6 - Friday - Creative Commons Workshop - Dave Young -
ictucan! - very cool informative site!

Wall Wisher - great site for posting wonderings / reflective comments etc. You can post a photo / clip and students and use it as an assessment tool. Very easy to set up and use.
- flicker storm - keeping multiple images on one page

- voice thread- 'threads are loaded around the picture

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