Saturday, February 20, 2010

Consider this - some would call this ‘Free to learn.’(PDF download), the product of an Inter-Party Working Group (IPWG) on School Choice , chaired by ACT MP, and Associate Minister of Education Heather Roy a radical new idea to shake up our 'traditional' model of schooling while some would call this National 90's policy ideas like voucher systems and performance pay for teachers with a new wrap. With people like Derek Wenmoth who is the director of 'E-learning' for CORE education saying that its the debate we need for schooling in the 21st Century to truly make the most of what virtual and physical schooling could offer and the Government pouring money into our Broadband network and connection for both schools and the country as a whole is this sort of development a necessary part of the 'shift change' our policy 'experts' might be thinking about?!?

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