Thursday, April 3, 2014

All of us learning...

Every day we ask your child to engage in their learning. Learning is not a passive endeavor and is not sustainable unless the learner takes some responsibility in the process. Learning involves being 'in the pit' - being challenged and developing an awareness of what you know, what you need to know next and then taking some ownership (in partnership with the teacher) in working out how you do that. No matter what the age it's never to early to begin to develop your learner agency. Our staff also example this in the way we approach what we do. Last week I talked about our teaching staff sharing our story with two other schools. This is done to share our experiences, be challenged on our developments and to develop professional links and support outside the silo of Myross Bush. 

Last Saturday three of our staff members also spent time sharing the story of how our Maths Curriculum works at some different levels in our school. Amy and Mel, from our New Entrant area, and Mark, from the senior end of the school, did a presentation at the recent Maths Symposium that was held at James Hargest Junior Campus for teachers from around Southland. The considerable time and effort spent by them putting these presentations together example the enthusiasm and passion we have in our school. We want the best for all our children, we are always reflecting, sharing and challenging eachother what we are doing and we enjoy sharing that passion with others. 

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