Saturday, February 8, 2014 - another brilliant Google App!

Found a great link from my twitter network about the new This app adds a folder to your google drive and lets you take notes while you watch the video of interest. Your notes are timestamped to the specific period of the video that you are watching. This lets you click on a specific part of your note to jump back to that specific part of the video. You can also add/edit at the same time and share your video and notes with anyone you like - just like all your other google docs etc!

Go to your drive, click on 'Connect more apps'

type in '' in the search bar and click 'connect'

Go back to your Google Drive - click 'create' and VideoNotes is now one of your options

Paste in the video url you want to watch, give the file a new name and start watching and taking notes. Hit share to invite others to collaborate!

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