Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Finnish education system

A BBC news item:

Finland's schools score consistently at the top of world rankings, yet the pupils have the fewest number of class hours in the developed world.  How?!?


Paste the above link into your browser and take 5 minutes or so to see something a little different to our current education and political system.  You certainly wouldn't see a scene too often like this below!  What about in New Zealand?



  1. Absolutely brilliant. It just makes so much sense. Respect, relaxed atmosphere, etc and the learning can happen. Has Anne Tolley seen these clips? Now our challenge is to change the thinking of those around us so that we can emulate their success.

  2. It would be nice to work in a system where the government does not interfere with the curriculum or where each change in government means a change in emphasis and assessment and areas to focus on. How great would it be to be able to work out a school curriculum and stick to it so that you could then work on improvement. Two or more teachers per class - that has got to be good.